Cutler Display & Packaging

Cutler Display and Packaging believes it is all about YOU and your
customers when deciding how to present your products for success.
Working with Cutler, many jewelry and giftware manufacturers,
distributors and retailers have already learned that how you present
your product has a direct impact on how your customers perceive
your products’ value.

We also understand that each of our customers have unique display
and packaging requirements. This is why we established the Cutler Ready
Collections and Cutler Custom Creations divisions.

The Cutler Ready Collections offer a wide variety of pre-designed and innovative displays and packages. With Cutler Custom Creations, we work with you on a collaborative basis in order to create and deliver a unique design specific to your business needs, enabling you to present and compliment your jewelry giftware overall customer value.

Cutler Display and Packaging has designed and produced fine quality displays and packaging for professional jewelers and creative businesses throughout North America and the Caribbean for over forty years. We are a design-oriented company, combining our divisional strengths to provide a complete image to suit your specific needs. We have a large facility with over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing located in Johnston, Rhode Island.
Our customer designs have ranged from exquisite to playful. Choose from an impressive collection of ready items or create your own. Attention to detail has been our hallmark since our inception.

When you work with Cutler, you will receive personal attention every step of the way to ensure perfect results with your customer in mind. Our highly trained and experienced customer advisory staff is ready to assist you to "present for success".
Cutler Display and Packaging can help you accomplish today what you are considering for tomorrow!